Rustic Chandeliers Resource

Chandeliers were originally used during the medieval time as a source of lighting, and were made of wooden fixtures that can hold candles, and are hung on the ceiling. The word “chandelier” means “candle holder”. Later on, it became more of a decorative item, used by those in the upper class. Chandeliers became a status symbol. The designs became more complex, with crystals and glass, and iron frames.

Today, there are a wide range of chandelier designs – from the elegant crystal designs used for hotels and large buildings, to rustic chandeliers that give a traditional and homey feel to the room.

There are rustic chandeliers that are designed to give a nature and wildlife ambiance. Most of these designs are inspired by the natural world – pine cone designs and antler chandeliers are some examples. Pine cone designs may have real pine cones dangling, or the iron base may be shaped like pine cones. Antler chandeliers use the real antlers as a base where the lights are hung. In other designs, the antlers are simply used as an accent to the chandelier. Antlers that are shed off by deer, elk or moose are the ones used for chandeliers.

Other chandelier designs have pine trees, horses, elephants and other nature-shapes cast in iron that gives a silhouette effect on the lamps. Antlers that hold small yellow light bulbs can give an effect of a burning bush. Aside from wrought iron, wood can also be used as a base for rustic chandeliers. These designs look best in cabins and lodges.

Casual and rustic chandeliers on the other hand are designed for homes to give a more relaxed feel. Most designs give a candle burning effect. Others simply have a rustic iron frame, and classic light bulbs that are bare, giving an ordinary relaxed effect. One can design the chandelier according to its purpose – if it is mainly decorative, yellow light is appropriate, but if it is for lighting, white bulbs are better. The number of bulbs is also important depending on the size of the room and the ambiance that one wants to have. It also depends on the room’s paint color. Manufacturers accept custom made orders. The more well - designed chandeliers that give a rustic feel are hand – made.

Antique furniture, fixtures and other home items are becoming a trend. Even jewelries and accessories that give a medieval effect are in demand. Rustic chandeliers give a back – in – time effect to a room, complementing the antique furniture and other fixtures. Museums, hotels and restaurants use rustic designs for their lighting to give a more laid back and calm effect, and the illumination is similar with that of candles.

Genuine antique and antique - looking furniture and chandeliers are now becoming a trend, according to shop owners, because today’s generation feels the need to reconnect with their grandparents’ history. They want to have a feel of the past. Chandeliers that are used as a room centerpiece, gives a traditional, historic ambiance, especially if the design is rustic and nature – inspired.