Where Can You find Replacement Parts for Your Antique Lamps?


Antique lamps are both functional and decorative. They can be used as light substitutes during a power outage and can beautify a room at the same time. Using them once in a while can add a softer glow in your room. But what happens when wicks need replacement and the fragile chimney cracks?


The most important part of an antique lamp is its base, which holds the lamp oil. It is also the part where most of the design and decoration is found. If this is ruined, itís better to find a replacement for the entire lamp. Antique lamp parts, like the bases made of glasses or ceramics can now be found in craft and hobby stores. Even online search will give you positive results.


 A chimney is quite easy to find. Scouring your neighborhood antique shops will provide you with a variety of sizes, shapes and selections, even at reasonable prices. But donít forget to remember the diameter at the bottom of your chimney to be replaced since this will ensure a good, snug fit. Always remember that the chimney is decorative and it protects the flame from breezes. Ornate chimneys can be engraved, painted or pressed glass. More careful handling is needed to protect it and avoid replacement. Preservation of its antiquity is foremost but in case of damage, flea markets are available sources of parts.


The mechanical parts are quite hard to find. They may be adjustable metal parts that hold the wick for flame adjustments. They may even be permanent fixtures of the lamp base. Antique counterparts can be found in flea markets, garage sales and thrift stores. Antique shops and malls are also suitable places to find replacements for your antique lamp parts.


Wicks are the simplest and affordable antique lamp parts you can replace. In addition to the different sources mentioned above, they can even be found at most larger chain retail stores. Your local drugstore might be carrying them, too. There are two types of wicks: flat wicks and round wicks. Before hurrying out of your house, know which type of wick your lamp takes or your lamp will be rendered useless.


A repaired and cleaned antique lamp can be a lovely addition to any room. Clean and dust it often to preserve its natural beauty. An unpolished lamp can emit a dim light. If you are planning of storing the lamp, clean and dry it and remove all traces of oil and used wick. It is better to store the different parts individually and wrap them in tissue papers. Put them in a well-padded box and label them carefully as Ďfragileí. These antique lamps were designed to provide light as well as decorate a room. When there are power failures, they come in handy. Their soft, warm glow lends a romantic setting to any room, porch or yard. And finding replacement parts canít be that difficult anymore. What will you do but put your feet up, relax and enjoy the night away.