Antique Hanging Lights


An antique is a work of art, a piece of furniture or a décor made at an early period, probably dating back 50 to 100 years ago. You can distinguish a genuine from a reproduction after a lot of practice, patience and study. As with antique hanging lights, as you accumulate experience and practice, you’ll get hooked and in no time at all, you’ll be having a collection.


Antique hanging lights are both functional and decorative pieces. Antique lamps include both exterior and interior fixtures. You can hang them outside your porch but be careful that they are fixed correctly to prevent any untoward incidents. These hanging lights are made of many materials like bronze, copper, stone, glass or wood. The ancient hanging lamps were made by hands. Pieces like these can be found at flea markets, garage sales, yard and rummage sales, antique stores, online and some specialty stores. You can even join local antique clubs. Turn your room into a chic English garden, a rustic lodge, an elegant Victorian parlor or anything in between. They add a romantic feel to a romantic setting. They are worth collecting because they make a simple but elegant statement. Antique hanging lights were made by hands and you can see the expertise of those artisans centuries ago. By 1800, people started producing them out of bronze, metal, clay and glass. The most popular of these hanging lights is the hanging oil lamp. It is a great solution for emergency lighting. It is easy to store and oils can be bought even at large chain retail stores. To fill the lamp with oil, take the chimney or shade off and remove the burner. Fill the bowl with oil until the wick is just above the burner top. Let the wick soak the oil before you light it. Then you can replace the chimney. Choose from a wide selection of oils that you think will suit you. Olive oil, mineral oil, almond oil, canola oil, palm oil or even citronella oil can be found in flea markets, garage sales or craft stores. Find a place where you will hang it and what you will hang it with must be properly secured. This will help you avoid any accidents that might occur. Its functionality can be demonstrated during power outages. Sufficient light emanates from your hanging lamp, whether oil or any other type of lamp, and your household tasks can be completed. Just like our ancestors, you can relive the past by using these antique hanging lights and experience what life was like before electricity was discovered. All the hanging lights have the same basic parts – base, fuel bowl, chimney, burner and wick. When damaged, you can find replacement parts at antique stores and even online. Chimneys can also be replaced or repaired at specialty stores.


Now that you’ve become aware of these antique hanging lights, you may start your collection today. Experience the beauty and glow of these beautiful lamps.