Floor lamps are common elements of a home. They are useful and versatile enough to be placed in any part of a room. But if you want a piece of history or a touch of class, buy antique floor lamps. There are different styles to choose from.

Once youíve decided that antique floor lamps are for you, take the necessary steps to purchase the real thing. Be aware of the differences between reproductions and antiques. Read magazines, books and websites on antique lamps and lights. Take note of all the things you need to help you determine the authenticity of your antique floor lamps. Antique dealers usually advertise their businesses in local newspapers. Visit reputable dealers and ask questions about your chosen lamp. These lamps are usually traditional in designs and styles. Great craftsmanship can be envisioned in these designs. They are timeless works of art, unique and one of a kind. Manufacturers can only try to replicate them, but they canít make them as unique as the originals. These pieces are uniquely designed and made by hand. A lot of ornate work can be found on them. Some have intricate inlay work, others have been decorated with precious and semi-precious stones, some were made of the finest glass, while others were made of satin. These types of antique floor lamps have a near flawless finish that can only be attributed to the expertise and patience of your ancestors.

Regardless of how your house or room was built, you can always find an antique floor lamp to suit your taste or need. They can even be used outdoors to brighten or romanticize your porch and patio. Our ancestors might have used them to do their household chores. They have been mainstays of houses since time immemorial because of their function and versatility. They emit a soft glow in any room. These lamps are tall and slender and they light up a corner or the whole room with designed lamp shades of colored glass, frills and brass stands. Living rooms, family rooms, dens and hallways are some vantage points for these antiques. Put up your feet, read in a corner with light coming from your floor lamp and later fall asleep. There are other types of these antiques to choose from. Make sure you buy or collect what you really want so you can enjoy your light for the longest time. Each type has its own features. Determine your budget, where youíll put it and what its use will be.

 Through the years, they may have been damaged, but their fine craftsmanship still shines through. They are not just mere lighting fixtures or decorative pieces, they are classics and timeless beauties. Antique floor lamps are made of clay, stones, bronze and other metals. Donít settle for just any kind of floor lamp, start collecting antique floor lamps. Experience their glow and enjoy life with them. Take care of them as you would your family.