How to properly hang your antique chandeliers from the ceiling

Antique chandeliers have a certain beauty in it they give beauty and life to a gloomy room. Before buying your perfect chandelier, you should already have an idea of where it will be placed to avoid having to return it, or having it exchanged.  

For starters, the ceiling of the room should be high enough to accommodate a chandelier. There should also be enough space from wall to wall. As a general rule, the horizontal edges of a chandelier should be at least four feet away from the nearest wall, divider or tall cabinet. It should be determined whether the arrangement of the cabinets will be more or less permanent, or of it will be adjusted to know whether the chandelier should be placed in such an area. Antique chandeliers are usually placed in the living room over the center of the table. If you are planning to hang your chandelier on the porch, make sure the chandelier is placed a good distance from the door or windows to avoid hitting it with the screen door.  

The vertical distance of the antique chandelier from the floor or the table top will depend on the room. In dining rooms, the general rule is that the lowest end of the chandelier should be 36 inches from the table top. For other areas, the lowest tip of the chandelier should hang at least 6 feet from the floor. However, if the household members are taller than 6 feet, then this should be adjusted in a way that no one’s head will accidentally hit the chandelier. The height of the furniture items should also be taken into consideration.

For the dining area, the size of the antique chandeliers should not overpower the size of the dining table and the entire room. As a general rule, the diameter of the chandelier should be 12 inches less than the width of the dining table.

After determining the location of the chandeliers, one has to know its weight to make sure that the ceiling and supporting structures are strong enough and durable enough to carry its weight. The weight and material of the antique chandeliers will also determine which materials will be used to hang it. You can find chandelier shops that should be able to assist you on which kind of screws and hooks are best to be used, and they should be able to check whether the ceiling structure needs reinforcement before the chandelier is installed. Top chandelier shops provide these services, along with cleaning and repair services.

Since most ceilings are made of wood, the chandelier lights should not be so warm that they may potentially burn the ceiling, or in some cases leave a burnt mark at the surface. The light bulbs should not exceed 40 watts. Nowadays, there are new compact fluorescent lamps as low as 5 watts that can be used for chandeliers. These light bulbs also come in different colors, not just white. This will help to ensure that your electricity bill is not compromised, and that the antique chandeliers are not just an ornamental item that is turned on only a few times a year, but is regularly lighted up.