Who is looking for antique chandeliers

Antique furniture and fixtures are now becoming a trend, and even non – collectors are buying antique items for their homes. It used to be that only a home with a European interior design or homes with a traditional motif would have antique chandeliers. The idea has always been “everything should match” – the color, the style, the design, sometimes even the era from which the furniture and fixtures originated should be harmonized.

Today, antique chandeliers have found their way into homes and other establishments that are not necessarily “antique themed”.  Several antique enthusiasts collect antique items that do not necessarily match, but they buy it anyway for the kind of effect it has when it is placed in a room. Antique chandeliers have a way of giving a calming feeling in a room, especially since these kinds of chandeliers have yellow lights.

Several antique traders and dealers are in business because of the rising trend of antique enthusiasts. One can easily look for sellers and buyers in online shopping sites. The cost of shipping may vary depending on the size and materials used in the chandelier, and the location of the buyer.  

Antique chandeliers are also available in stores specializing in lamps and lighting fixtures. Other antique enthusiasts look for damaged antique items and restore them to their original look. This has become a hobby for some antique aficionados. For some, restoration of antique items has become a lucrative business. Chandeliers, because of their intricate designs, once they are damaged, some pieces of crystal go missing, chains snap, glass lamps break or cracks appear – some owners dispose of these damaged items at the first sign of breakage. These can easily be restored by craftsmen in antique workshops. For those who want to get it cheaper, they can purchase the damaged chandeliers and restore it themselves. The tools for restoration are available in do – it – yourself shops.

Top antique shops offer several services for their clients who purchased antique chandeliers. Aside from restoration, they also do chandelier fitting, cleaning, survey, chandelier collection and delivery. Survey services are a good idea for checking the area where the chandelier will be installed. This is to make sure that the chandelier will actually fit. For those who want to have their chandeliers restored or cleaned, some shops will collect the item and deliver it after it has been restored or cleaned. For those purchasing antique chandeliers, it is best to deal with shops that offer these services.

Several manufacturers have also developed designs that imitate the antique features. These chandelier replicas are less costly than the real antique items. Rustic chandeliers in one way replicates antique chandeliers, with their brass colored frame and ancient – looking materials such as dull crystals or stained glass. These can give an antique feel even if it is only a replica. A lot of antiques are those with crystal designs, and one should notice that glass crystals have different illuminating effects than synthetic or plastic crystals which are used in replicas. If one is looking for a genuine antique, he should be able to compare the materials used to avoid getting a replica for the price of a genuine antique.