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  • Antique Oil Lamps Guide
    Antique oil lamps were used as the primary light source for many years. Until about the 3rd century BC, oil lamps were made using the crude potter’s wheel. After this time period, the Egyptians and Greeks introduced oil lamps that were made by using molds.
  • Vintage Chandeliers Guide
    Some vintage chandeliers can become very expensive because of the time frame they were first made. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping around for your vintage chandelier so that you can make sure your purchase will create the mood you are looking for and that the money you may spend will be well worth it:
  • Antique Hanging Oil Lamps
    Antique hanging oil lamps are preferred by many romantics, decorators, historians and collectors. There’s no question at all of the romanticism its flickering lights evoke and the mysterious warmth these lamps produce, making a unique statement.
  • Rustic Chandeliers Resource
    Casual and rustic chandeliers on the other hand are designed for homes to give a more relaxed feel. Most designs give a candle burning effect. Others simply have a rustic iron frame, and classic light bulbs that are bare, giving an ordinary relaxed effect.
  • Who is looking for antique chandeliers
    Today, antique chandeliers have found their way into homes and other establishments that are not necessarily antique themed. Several antique enthusiasts collect antique items that do not necessarily match, but they buy it anyway for the kind of effect it has when it is placed in a room.
  • Antique Floor Lamps Guide
    Once you’ve decided that antique floor lamps are for you, take the necessary steps to purchase the real thing. Be aware of the differences between reproductions and antiques.
  • Antique Hanging Lights
    All the hanging lights have the same basic parts – base, fuel bowl, chimney, burner and wick. When damaged, you can find replacement parts at antique stores and even online. Chimneys can also be replaced or repaired at specialty stores
  • Antique Oil Lamps Described
    Antique oil lamps are useful during power outages and will make great decorative pieces. Maintain their antiquity, usefulness and beauty. Proper care and maintenance will allow you and the next generation to enjoy them.
  • Best rooms to hang discount chandeliers in
    For homes with wide porches, a discount chandelier can also have its place especially if there are pieces of furniture that can go with it. Since it is outdoors, it is more advisable to put the cheaper ones rather than the crystal designed chandelier.
  • How to care for your antique oil lamps
    Antique oil lamps should be placed in areas that are not prone to accidents and out of the reach from children. They should also be placed in an area that is not prone to flames. They should sit away from books, curtains and wall paper.
  • How to hang your antique chandeliers from the ceiling
    This will help to ensure that your electricity bill is not compromised, and that the antique chandeliers are not just an ornamental item that is turned on only a few times a year, but is regularly lighted up...
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  • Where Can You find Replacement Parts for Your Antique Lamps?
    Antique counterparts can be found in flea markets, garage sales and thrift stores. Antique shops and malls are also suitable places to find replacements for your antique lamp parts...

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